Open Letter to National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)

By Comrade Ogunsamson


It is said that desperate issue demands desperate measure, this necessitates my open letter to the Leadership of National Association of Nigerian Students.

I am Comr. Ogunsamson, a student of University of Abuja and the PRO of National Association of Nigerian Students, Federal Capital Territory Axis.

There is a serious issue in University of Abuja that wages war against our common patrimony as activists and unionists, the students of Uniabuja are being shortchanged by some individuals that do not have the interest of the students at heart.

The Out gone SUG President of University of Abuja in person of Chris Ifeanyi couldn’t conduct election to hand over to an elected body, this is due to the power play by some people outside students circle for the sake of their personal cum voracious interest. This ushered in Transition Committee constituted by the management without any input from students.

The first day the Transition Committee was to be inaugurated, the concerned comrades headed by my humble self found our ways to the Senate Building of the institution, after some of us have entered into Campus, they restricted other comrades from entering into the campus, there started gyration and agitation, this brought security issue and the Inauguration of Transition Committee was cancelled.

We later paved our ways to some offices in the Senate building of the University, where we were told that terms and agreements would be given to the Transition Committee concerning the conduct of the election, we sheath our swords and allowed for the inauguration few days later.

At the inauguration venue, the Vice Chancellor of University of Abuja and the Dean of Student affairs emphatically echoed it that the Transition Committee should conduct the election that they were constituted for within TWO MONTHS into the resumption, Memorandum and Circulars were released to this effect, it was widely applauded by the students.

It was lucidly captured in the circular signed by Dean of students affair that the only mandate of Transition Committee is to “midwife a free and fair SUG election” within two months into the resumption.

The problem first started when One of the SUG Presidential Aspirant was given the position of Transition Committee Chairman. We later got to realized that it was a calculative attempt to give Felix Onuh (Transition Committee Chairman and a former SUG Presidential Aspirant) power en route the back door.

Contrarily to the terms of agreement, the Transition Committee Chairman fully backed by some non-students engaged himself with unnecessary activities that are not in anyway related to the reason why it was constituted. In short, he turned himself to unelected SUG President against the wishes of the Nigerian Students in the University of Abuja.

It becomes more tense that now anybody that asks about when he would conduct the election would be invited by different Securities. They were been victimized and threatened from many quarters to be expelled for demanding for election which is there right, it becomes glittered that struggle for election becomes struggle against Felix Onuh, and struggle against Felix Onuh is regarded as struggle against the powerful cabals that are non-students that are backing him.

The Council Of Presidents that were elected from each departments and faculties called Felix Onuh in many occasions because they were constitutionally given the mandate of forwarding the name of Electoral Committee, but they were welcomed with totally disdain by the Transition Committee Chairman, he even said it emphatically that he only takes order form management.

Felix Onuh (TC Chairman) has been parading himself as SUG President of University of Abuja without been elected by the students of the university, this has gone to the extent that he voted in the just concluded NANS Zone C convention as an SUG. This is an insult to the common patrimony of the University of Abuja students.

I thereby call the attention of the NANS leadership to this urgent but pathetic situation, we can no longer fight this battle alone, imposition and tyranny should be fought against in all ramifications. University of Abuja students really need help. Thanks as we anticipate your urgent cooperation.


NANS President
NANS Senate President
NANS Zone C Coordinator
NANS stakeholders.

Comr. Ogunsamson.


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