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Governor Yahaya Bello

Governor Yahaya Bello (GYB) is a good leader to the core. He doesn’t underrate anybody. GYB is a man for everybody, but some people have just make it difficult for us to understand that, most especially some Ebiras, they have privatized our Governor. They have taken it personal.
This boy was connected by his lovey brother who knows the value of been a brother. If the person that made this connection was not happy to see his brother around he couldn’t have made it possible for him to meet GYB. He has changed his brother’ life a in a simple way, just by linking him up.
How many of our brothers can create this beautiful opportunity for us to see our own Governor, even if we can’t hug him in this way? This would have been an added advantage for us all His Excellency’s bloodlines, I see no reason why we hate each other’s progress, there is no brother’s love in our minds.
We all understand that governor can’t always create that chance by himself for us to see him, that is why he appointed people like you to be at the helm of such affairs.
We have to change this our behavior, is not helpful at all. May Allah forgive us and give us the strength to love and embrace each other.

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