OPINION | Of vision and tragedy of victory: The Dilemma of @NGRPresident @Mbuhari’s change agenda By Sheyi Babaeko

The place of vision is so paramount and essential to every aspect of life, perhaps in an individual’s personal life, that of a group or that of a nation in general. Going by reports, statistics, and available records, president Muhammadu Buhari has been described as incorruptible leader with zero tolerance for corruption.


It will therefore be easy to conclude that such remarks are the reflection of the hallmark of president Buhari’s visionary leadership and his estimable qualifies. The ‘vision‘ of president Buhari over the years is to bring change to Nigeria in a bid to transmogrify the country and empower the great people of the nation. It was this vision that made him contest the presidential seat three different times before being elected on the fourth trial as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on March 28th, 2015 — about two years ago. Conversely, this vision of president Buhari-led Federal Government has turned the victory of the much ‘expected messiah’ into a tragedy.


“To call a spade a spade and not an agricultural instrument,” this is one of the worst periods in the history of our dear nation — economically, socially, and politically. Things have gone from bad to worse and we must now rise in unison irrespective of our sex, race, creed and religion to save the Nigerian nation from worse to worst or total collapse in the face of the rigid nature of president Muhammadu Buhari.


Deservingly, to those who may be unsuspectingly misled by the seemingly radical rhetorics of ‘Change Begins with Me’, they need to understand that what we have today is nothing but sterile activism, puerile rascality and infantile phrase-mongering of these sycophantic agents within the government circle trying to be more catholic than the pope. The dilemma of this administration is that there is a disconnection between the leaders and the led.


This disconnection is responsible for the tensions across the country and the rise in violent crimes, because the situation of an average Nigerian has been worsened by the obnoxious policies of the government which are despicable, banal and inconsistent. In fact, there is an urgent need to redefine poverty, lack and want using Nigeria as a case study. The minimum average of $2 on feeding one per person each day is no longer realistic in Nigeria, even as unemployment rate has doubled and the prices of food and essential commodities needed for the sustainability of mankind have risen. Change connotes reforms and reforms are to be used in the correction of imbalances. That is why the only thing that is constant in life is “change”.


Unfortunately, the change being experienced in this country has brought about agonies, pains, despairs, tribulations and horrific experiences to the masses and the average Nigerian public. Two years is short to reposition Nigeria to the orbit of her Glorious past with a prosperous future. No doubt about that, but the situation of things shows lack of direction because 2 years is actually enough to set the nation on the path of recovery and redemption, but we are still far from being on the right path. Just as Proverbs 29:18 has it, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”, the lack of clear vision in the present administration is visible for all to see. It is not too late for the president to get it right by ensuring that round pegs are put into round holes.


If Nigeria must get it right, there is urgent need for President Buhari to reshuffle of his cabinet because most of the appointees are intellectual vegetables who are absolutely unfit, both morally and socially, to take on the positions that they are presently holding. President Buhari should act now and act well! May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Sheyi Babaeko, a social commentator, policy analyst and a counter-terrorist strategist, writes in from Leeds, U.K.

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