PDP group urges Jimoh Ibrahim to retrace steps

A group in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has urged the party’s factional governorship candidate in Ondo State, Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim, to end his claim on the ticket.

The PDP Reform Group, in a statement, appealed to Ibrahim to “deeply reflect on the propriety of your current political misadventure as a PDP parody-candidate and think critically about posterity and what tomorrow will record for you”.

The statement signed by its convener, Mr. Ariyo-Dare Atoye, urged the businessman to stop “a needless voyage of distraction that will only benefit narrow-minded sycophants who are spurring him on”.

It added: “You will recall that in a difficult bid to justify their political presence, the Jimoh Ibrahim’s supposed campaign team alleged that its campaign office in Akure was vandalised by some thugs, who came in a PDP branded bus belonging to the candidate of our party, Eyitayo Jegede.

 ”We wish to remind Ibrahim that allowing himself to be used in this distractive manner is not good for his business exploits and profile and we urge him to, in the interest of a good name, fear of God and posterity, jettison this avoidable petty political commotion and support the candidate of the PDP.

“It is not too late for him to retrace his steps and support the PDP wholeheartedly to win on November 25. The current travail of some former PDP members in the APC is enough lessons for everyone in the PDP to close ranks and work together to salvage this nation from those who have plunged it into an avoidable recession.”

The group, however, observed that Ibrahim has all the necessary qualifications to be a governor, but “such dream and aspiration must be pursued logically and in a dignifying manner”.

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