PDP National Convention: What Was Emeka Wachuku Thinking?

By Femi Oloruntobi


One has never seen such a sore loser and serial liar like Dr. Emeka Donald Wachuku, the failed aspirant for the office of the National Organizing Secretary in the just concluded National Convention of the PDP.


This vain character, who commands no value in the PDP and largely unknown in the party is now going about the social media telling lies, fabricating figures and claiming he was denied victory, when in the actual documented fact, he woefully lost in a contest that was overwhelmingly won by the party’s former Zonal Vice Chairman, South East, Col. Austin Akobundu.


Wachuku claims that he lost because, according to him, over a thousand delegates did not cast their votes for the office of the National Organizing Secretary out of annoyance that a name they did not prefer appeared in a particular unity list.


He also falsely claimed that while 2,500 delegates voted for the position of the National Chairman, 1,300 voted for National Organizing Secretary adding that the disparity was as a result of his phantom boycott.


Wachuku, a political tout, who ironically wants to be a national officer of the PDP has so imbibed lying and falsehood as stock-in-trade that he forgot that the electoral processes in the national convention were all documented.


Contrary to Wachuku’s wild claims, official records and results duly signed by agents of the contestants show that while 2,225 and not 1,300 delegates voted for the office of the National Organizing Secretary, 2,296 and not 2,500 voted for that of the National Chairman.


Records show that. Col. Austin Akobundu won the position of the National Organizing Secretary with 1,831 votes while Wachuku trailed with 149. Chief Godwin Duru scored 98 while a total of 147 votes were invalid.


What is more reprehensible than the fact that whereas Wachuku in his proclivity for fraud claimed that 2,500 delegates voted for the office of the National Chairman when official records show that only 2, 344 delegates were accredited for the convention. Records further show that Prince Uche Secondus won the position of the National Chairman with 2,000 votes.


Moreover, it is a known fact that the so-called unity list did not influence the voting pattern in the convention. In fact, there at the convention ground, were at least for versions of what was referred to as the unity list, one of which had Wachuku’s name for the National Organizing Secretary. That he lost even when his name was on a unity list shows that the list had no more impact than fliers and banners of candidates as well as SMS and WhatsApp messages that continued to bombard delegates even at the on the convention ground.


Furthermore, one wonders, if as Wachuku claimed that a thousand delegates, who he believes could have voted for him, were annoyed as he claimed, why didn’t they vote for him instead of boycotting?


The truth is that Wachuku needs spiritual and social rehabilitation. In fact, he has proven to be a liar, who may also be parading false academic credentials and resume; a poor soul in dire need of urgent deliverance; and whose membership of the PDP is even in doubt.


Finally, the big questions; has Wachuku, in all honesty the clout and followership that can constitute a political contest for Col. Akobundu? Is he a fit and proper character for the important position of the National Organizing Secretary of a party such as the PDP? Has he the integrity, charisma and presence of mind to hold a national office in a serious political party, the size and status of the PDP? Your guess is as good as mine.


Wahcuku may be suffering from the trauma of defeat, but must he go about it with lies; like one desperately seeking office as a union leader in an association of touts?

Oloruntobi, a political analyst, was also a delegate at the PDP Convention

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