PDP Presidential Campaign DG Encourages Nigerians to Vote and Defend their Votes

Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki who is also the DG PDP presidential campaign has, in a video, admonished Nigerians to vote and defend their votes. “Elections cannot be rigged without you,” the Senate President said, as he calmed the apprehensive nerves of Nigerians who already feel the election will be rigged. The DG before he set out for Kano State for a mega rally, stated clearly that the upcoming election in the next week, will be a decider for the future of Nigeria. He also went forward to give Nigerians reasons to vote Atiku/Obi, citing economic development, public safety and unity. The DG had earlier appeared in a video where he laid out the facts and figures of the 2019 Presidential election, stating that the figures on ground are in favor of the PDP. Nigerians will be heading to the polls in about a week’s time and they will chose mainly between the hopes of moving to the next level or creating a better Nigeria for them and their kids. See Video

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