PDP: Sheriff and Makarfi disagree over restructuring of Nigeria

The Markafi led National Caretaker Committee and the Ali Modu led National Working Committee of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), have different views on restructuring Nigeria.

Markafi maintained that restructuring Nigeria will be the best way to address the challenges of the nation but Senator Ali Modu was quick to counter him, saying, Restructuring is not a PDP thing and that the PDP’s constitution did not make provision for restructuring.

Makarfi, had said at a press conference yesterday that restructuring of the country must take a critical look at the present structure of country and institutions, with a view to giving the country a new sense of direction.

However, acting spokesman of the Sheriff-led NWC, Bernard Mikko challenged Makarfi to show the part of PDP manifesto where restructuring is listed as part of the programmes of the party.

He also challenged Makarfi to put details of what he want to be restructured on the table.

What is he restructuring? This nation must be put in the right perspective. The economy must be put right, we must get out of recession, create jobs, when we have addressed all these, we can look at the fundamental reform.”

According to him, Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians. Consequently, every Nigeria must be allowed to enjoy the constitutionally guaranteed right to live in any part of the country they like.

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