PMB TO NIGERIANS | Nothing is wrong with going on vacation

President Buhari while leaving the country yesterday said it was not unusual for a president to go on vacation.

Speaking to newsmen, he said: “What’s wrong with going on vacation? Didn’t I go last year at the same time?”
Also speaking, his spokesman, Mr. Adesina, said President Buhari was going to rest and then do his routine medical check-ups, noting that there was no cause for alarm.

He said: “The president is going to rest. You know that God did work of creation for six days and on the seventh day He rested. So if God needed to rest, how much more human being.

“So the President is just going to rest and the statement we have released is straight forward. He will go on this leave and during the leave he will do routine medical checkups.

“We need to show goodwill towards our leaders, particularly President Buhari, who is working to give Nigeria a new footing, a new orientation.

“Nothing absolutely to worry about but a lot of goodwill, a lot prayers are necessary at all times.”

Also at the airport was the Chief of Defence Staff, CDS, Gen. Abayomi Olonisakin, who had a brief meeting with the president.

He later said the meeting was to update the president on the operations of Nigerian troops in the crisis infested The Gambia.

He said: “The meeting was to give Mr. President update on our operations within and outside the country especially our involvement with the ECOWAS standby force that are being inducted into Senegal which has to do with the issue of mandate ensuring that the president elect of The Gambia is sworn in.”

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