President Buhari threatens Nigerians to behave or else

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that his administration is serious about making Nigerians behave themselves.

Buhari said this while receiving a team led by Seth Berkley, chief executive of Gavi and the Global Fund, at the state house in Abuja on Thursday.

Buhari said he was impressed with the patience and steadfastness of leading supporters of health care in Nigeria, “despite our shortcomings as a nation”.

“We are making genuine efforts to correct the lapses. We are very serious about people behaving themselves, and being accountable,” he said.

“We thank you for deciding to re-engage with us, despite our inefficiencies. You decided to be here, not minding our shortcomings.

“There are other countries that would bring less problems. We appreciate your commitment, and we will do our best to put ourselves in the best shape to help us.”

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