Protests greet Buhari in Benue as Peace Corps Members urge President to give assent to Peace Corps Bill

Peace Corps members in Benue today welcomed President Buhari with placards, demanding for the assent of Peace Corps Bill.

They urged him to fulfill his promise of jobs creation.

The president had in a letter sent to the House of Representatives, rejected a bill to establish the Peace Corps of Nigeria.

He cited financial implications and duplication of duties of existing security agencies, as reasons for withholding his assent to the bill.

The National Assembly is empowered by the provisions of section 58(5) of the 1999 Constitution as amended, to override the president on Bills.

While the House requires 240 members to make up its two-thirds, the 109-member Senate requires 73 members to veto the president’s assent.

Order 12(b)(c) of the Standing Orders and Rules of the House of Representatives (2016) also provides that the rejected Bill could be looked upon by the House (through a motion) and if supported by two-thirds of the Reps, the Bill is proclaimed law without the assent of the president.

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