REPORT: Ogundamisi, Ogunlesi, Omojuwa, others receive N4million monthly from Osinbajo’s office

A source has told LeadersNG that some social media influencers mainly from South West extraction are on the payroll of Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s Vice President. The source said UK based ex OPC leader, Kayode Ogundamisi receives N4 million Naira monthly from the office of the VP through one of his aides.


Several other influencers were also named to be on the monthly package including blogger -Japhet Omojuwa, Tolu Ogunlesi (a Special Assistant to the president and some members of his electronic team), Ayourb and some members of the Buhari Media Centre from the South West.


The source said this arrangement with the vice president was put in place in 2016 but funding stopped at some point. He further added that since march this year, funding has been regular.


You will recall that the vice president of Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo met with Nigerian “social media influencers” in Abjua on Friday 27th May 2016. The meeting was put in place to mark President Buhari’s 1st year anniversary then. LeadersNG can confirm that it was after that meeting that a proposal was presented to the VP by some of the participants at that meeting and the vp thereafter approved same.


Although some of those at the meeting in 2016 that we contacted said they are not on the payroll of the vice president, our source insists many of them are.


LeadersNG understands that the Vice President maintains communications with the influencers through his media aide, Laolu Akande. It was also gathered that funds are usually disbursed through Samuel Orekoya, a media assistant in the VP’s office and the said Orekoya according to our source, pays other social media trolls and voltrons stipends to defend the Vice President.

The source confirms that the trolls are charged with responsibility of dousing dissenting voices on the the Vice President’s posts and any other related posts on the vice president on blogs and other media platforms.

A Portharcourt based lawyer and social media commentator LeadersNG spoke with said, the only reason why these young people stay up late at night defending the vice president amidst the administration’s gross incompetence is the handouts they get from the Vice President.

12 Comments on REPORT: Ogundamisi, Ogunlesi, Omojuwa, others receive N4million monthly from Osinbajo’s office

  1. This is unacceptable and 100% false. We know election is almost here and its obvious the opposition is steadily trying to fault Prof Osinbajo at any opportunity given. P.S – there’s no one called Orekoya, that’s how fake this article is.

  2. Totally misleading report.
    You have been contacted to attack the Vice President recently. You have already failed on arrival.
    There is no amount of blackmailing of the Vice President that will make the Vice President reduce the tempo of his good work. Prof Yemi Osinbajo is giving them sleepless night.

  3. It is so unfortunate that some evil incarnates in the society are always out to malign the Vice President with falsehood. The fact is that, no amount of blackmailing him can work. The genuineness in the actions of the Vice President is enough to attract electorates to him. Is a man am proud of

  4. All these sponsored misleading write-up against the Vice President can never affect his personality. The way and manner he has handled all these National Social Investment Programme is a commendable effort that should attract the populace to the Vice President

  5. One thing I have realized about these corrupt elements and their cronies, is that when they can not buy over those who are naturally in love with the Vice President as a result of his patriotism, they resort to blackmail. May God continue to strengthening the Vice President and his Principal for their patriotism

  6. Imagine this nonsense post from the evil guys in the society. It is obvious PDP and their agents are rejected, hence, the reason for this desperate fabrication against the Vice President. All their evil antics will continue to disappoint them

  7. This is total madness, why are people so hell bent in making bad image of the vice president,? All your lies can’t break him losers.

  8. Your site will be ethically hacked/brought down, take my word!. Fake news, Misleading leadersng, clearly frog brains in-house. You need to apologise publicly for this show of your e-tabloids news stupidity.

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