Senate to investigate Amnesty International Report

The senate has set up an ad-hoc committee headed by the chairman senate committee on judiciary, human rights and legal matter, David Umaru to investigate the veracity of a  report by amnesty international detailing alleged inhuman and degrading treatment of women in IDP camps by Nigerian soldiers in the northeast.

Senate reached the resolution on Wednesday following a point of order from Senator Shehu Sani drawing the attention of the upper legislative chamber to the report that is currently generating interest within and outside Nigeria.

The report by amnesty international captured incidents of rape and torture of women by soldiers.

The report contained names and photographs of victims in the northeast where Nigeria is prosecuting a war against Boko Haram insurgents.

Shehu said the response from the Nigerian government has been an attempt to dismiss the report. He called on the senate to open an investigation into the report which he said has the capacity to undermine Nigeria’s integrity and its fight against terrorism.

“the response from government has been a dismissal and that amnesty is working to undermine the government, working as another arm of opposition but as a parliament we should see the report as a mirror of ourselves so that we can prosecute the war in line with moral conscience”, he said.

In his contribution, deputy senate leader, Bala Ibn Na’allah Sympathised with the position of Shehu Sani.

He however said there was a need for lawmakers to understand the intricate nature of the war; the consequence of which he said cannot be predicted.

Senate subsequently referred the matter to the ad-hoc committee with a view of getting of the root of it.

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