Snapchat user flaunts Buhari’s daughter’s “N250 million” designer shoe, bag collection, Says “Money is sweet”

A popular user of multimedia messaging app, Snapchat, has shared on his widely-followed platform a video of expensive designer shoe and bag collection, declaring a pair of shoes as the only of its kind in Abuja.

Describing the collection as “presidential” in a background commentary, the user teases a friend as he showcases an array of designer luxury brands, comprising Jimmy Choo, Tom Ford, Christian Dior, Chanel, Giuseppe Zanotti, among others.

Holding one of a pair of high-heeled Christian Dior shoes, he said, “Shoe fans, if anyone has this type of shoes in Abuja, I promise that person five thousand dollars.”

“The collection of shoes and bags inside this room is worth 250 million naira,” he said.

The video also shows an advert in the room, bearing the message: “World’s most expensive shoes launch in Dubai, its worth is $1.7 million.” To this, the Snapchat user quoted his host as saying her next shoes is “Iya kudin ka, iya shagalin ka” – a Hausa saying which loosely translates as “Your financial worth determines the extent of your pleasure-seeking.”

Referring to his host as “Madam billionaire,” the Snapchat user asked her not to buy the $1.7 million shoes. “It’s extravagance,” he said.

Independent findings by NIGERIAN DIARY confirmed the host was indeed one of President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughters.





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