Nevertheless, Klopp does not want to celebrate the occasion and is focused on the future, even if feels he has made significant strides in his first 12 months at the club.

“It’s a year, I’m a year older and all this s***, but everything else is good,” he told the Liverpool Echo.

“Not perfect, but in a good way. That’s what we hoped, that’s what we said.

“After one year standing here, we can talk like this. There was doubt, there was a lot of rumour around me.

“People said: ‘Obviously he was a good coach at Dortmund but a German managing here doesn’t work.’ Things like this. That’s better now.

“The thing is, I’m not here for a year, I’m here hopefully for the long-term, and it means that we have to use all the information we have until now and learn from it.

“That’s how life works, collecting experience, learning from it and being ready for the next challenge.

Liverpool have won five straight matches in all competitions after coming from behind to beat Swansea City 2-1 in the Premier League on Saturday, leaving them just two points behind leaders Manchester City.

But it is off the pitch that Klopp says the experience of being part of the club has exceeded his expectations.

He continued: “I liked the club before I was here but, when you are in it, it is so different.