Stephanie Linus Okereke unveils reality show for married couples

Nollywood actress and producer, Stephanie Okereke- Linus, is set for the return of her reality show, ‘Make Me Fabulous’. As announced by the DRY producer days ago, the reality show will return for a second season next month. According to Okereke-Linus, the second season of the show is set to be even more exciting than the previous edition and it would detail the journeys of 13 married couples during its span.

“When I saw how much of an impact season 1 was, I knew we had to do this again. But we did it with a twist. “Viewers would love the new direction the show has taken, but more importantly, we hope it touches their homes and marriages in a special way,” she said. While sharing a montage of the show along with promotional posters, Okereke-Linus added: “Good news people! Make Me Fabulous is coming back to your screens with a revamped season 2. “It promises to be exciting and fabulous. Watch out…. August 12 by 6pm on DSTV. Thanks to our wonderful partners who made this season 2 special.”

The unscripted reality TV show was created by Okereke-Linus in 2015 to rekindle the spark in marriages for not just newlyweds but even couples that can be regarded as old. During the first season of the show, the 13 couples who took part in the show were treated to a lavish and luxurious experience that ignited new meaning in their relationships. ‘Make Me Fabulous’ takes couples on a journey of transformation, giving them a chance to connect without distractions. In each episode, the couples bare their deepest challenges, share their high and low points, and enjoy a fabulous experience.

Stephanie Linus unveils reality show for married couples

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