US Senator John McCain dies at 81

The Vietnam war hero turned senator and presidential candidate, Senator John McCain has died aged 81. Mr McCain died on Saturday surrounded by his family, according to a short statement released by his office. He was […]

Inmates in Guantanamo Bay drop to 40

The inmates in Guantanamo Bay have dropped to 40 following the release of a Saudi inmate, Ahmed Haza al-Darbi, back to his country. Pentagon said it was transferring him to his homeland, the first such […]

US | Obama mocks Trump again

U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday night listed “thick skin” and “stamina” as important qualities for the top person in the White House to have, in an ironic reference to his successor Donald Trump who […]

Obama’s U.N. betrayal: Who benefited? 

In the Orwellian reality that is the United Nations, peaceful housing construction is criticized as a “flagrant violation” and violent housing destruction is not worth mentioning. While half a million people were being killed in […]

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