Israeli Missiles strike Syrian research centre

Israeli missiles targeted a Syrian government research centre early Wednesday, sources close to the government told dpa. The army later confirmed a missile strike by Israel on a military site near Damascus, without specifying further, […]

Israel intercepts two missiles fired from Gaza

Israeli forces on Wednesday intercepted two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, while a third came down inside Israeli territory, the military said. “The IAF (Israeli Air Force) successfully intercepted two rockets launched from the […]

Trump formally recognises Jerusalem as Israel

President Donald Trump on Wednesday formally recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The president also directed processes to formally move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. World leaders including the EU and […]

Israel: Netanyahu questioned in corruption inquiry

Israeli police investigators questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for three hours at his official residence on Monday evening on suspicion of receiving illicit gifts and favors from business executives. Mr. Netanyahu was questioned “under caution,” […]

Obama’s U.N. betrayal: Who benefited? 

In the Orwellian reality that is the United Nations, peaceful housing construction is criticized as a “flagrant violation” and violent housing destruction is not worth mentioning. While half a million people were being killed in […]

Humbled Netanyahu Places Hopes in Trump

The Israeli government’s furious reaction to the U.N. Security Council’s adoption of a resolution opposing Jewish settlements in occupied territory underscores its fundamental and bitter dispute with the international community about the future of the […]

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