TECH | Facebook to read people’s mind with new tech

FACEBOOK says it is preparing some incredible new technology that may soon let its users read each other’s thoughts.


The social network is hard at work developing tools that would allow people to communicate via brain waves using new ‘brain-computer’ interfaces.

To make this happen, the company revealed that it has started ramping up its recruitment of next-generation specialists in a number of key areas so as to make the technology a reality sooner than expected.

Reports made available to Hi-Tech revealed that Facebook is looking to expand its secretive Building 8 group set up by Facebook last year.

Now, however, several job postings for the division have been uncovered which hints at just what could be in store.

These revealed that Facebook is looking to recruit someone with a PhD in neuroscience to work on this “brain-computer interface” project from inception to final product over a two-year period. According to the report, another advert is targeting an engineer who can “develop audio signal processing algorithms” for a communication and computing platform “of the future.”

Facebook is also looking for engineers to create breakthroughs in “novel non-invasive neuroimaging technologies” and reproduce “realistic and immersive haptic experiences.” Facebook’s CEO says he has a personal interest in seeing it come to fruition soon.

In a June 2015 interview, Mark Zuckerberg said that, “One day, I believe we’ll be able to send full rich thoughts to each other directly using technology.” “You’ll just be able to think of something and your friends will immediately be able to experience it too if you’d like.”

Facebook launched a website to take users through the 98 personal data points it uses for targeted advertising.
But this revealed that if you remain logged into Facebook, the social network can see almost every other website you visit.

And even if you log-out of your Facebook account before you start surfing the world wide web, it still keeps a close eye. Facebook is alerted every time you load a webpage with one of its Like or Share buttons embedded.

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