TRENDING: Nigerians call for #EndSARS, say ‘They are armed robbers in Uniform’.

Nigerians have taken to twitter to demand an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, (SARS,)  a department in the Nigerian police saddled with the responsibility to fight high profile crimes, but the officers and men of the force have turned the department into an attack on innocent young Nigerians who carry laptops, dread locks, tattoos, expensive clothes, wristwatches, cars and expensive phones.  Most of the time for even being in ‘alleged’ wrong places.

Nigerians have cried out that SARS officers have robbed, extorted, brutalized, harassed, dehumanized, raped and even killed suspects in their custody.

Several pubic figures have lend their voice to support the campaign to #EndSARS.


See tweets below;

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