Twitter accused of assisting ISIS


Twitter has been long accused in a lawsuit for assisting ISIS.

Allegations were recently made that Twitter’s Direct Message service was similar to giving ISIS physical communications equipment like a satellite phone. Plaintiffs have put forward several complaints before courts & are trying their luck again this time.

They said, “Giving ISIS the capability to send & receive Direct Messages in this manner is no different than handing it a satellite phone, walkie-talkies or the use of a mail drop.” However, the judge said that they failed to provide any reasoning or proof behind the comments.

The ruling read, “Apart from the private nature of Direct Messaging, plaintiffs identify no other way in which their Direct Messaging theory seeks to treat Twitter as anything other than a publisher of information provided by another information content provider.”

Twitter is making their anti-terror statement clear by suspending 235,000 terror-linked accounts in 6 months.

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