Twitter user @Bellolamide shares her rape story and her recovery journey

Yesterday, @Bellolamide a Nigerian Twitter user took to her timeline to narrate how she was raped in Ghana and her journey to recovery..

She started by tweeting:

‘So y’all I’m going to share the story about how I was raped and my journey to recovery..
Please re tweet for others to learn a thing or two.’

‘So at about 12:40 I hear my door slowly being pushed open…I opened my eyes thinking it was morning already and my roommate had returned…’

‘Then I started searching for my phone to check the time so I’d know if I can still make it to work…only to hear a voice say if you pick…’

‘The phone I’ll stab you…now I’m wide awake and I start to panic then I start asking questions…who he is…how he got in and he kept…’

‘Threatening to stab me….now he’s standing over me he goes to pick the shirt I was hanging on my wardrobe then asks me to lie on my face…’

‘I did as instructed then he ties my hands behind my back…I started begging…He then said my voice is annoying him so he ties my mouth…’

‘Goes further to blindfold me now I can’t tell what he’s doing…He asked where my money was so I pointed to my bag…He ransacked it and…’

‘Took my money from my purse…I managed to remove what he tied my mouth with and then he said he came with the rest of his gang and each….’

‘Gang member has entered every other rooms in the compound and that he’s the nicest of them all so I shouldn’t make him go call him boss…’

‘He took my phones…my laptop and the charger….placed it somewhere on the floor….turned me over…pulled his boxers and raped me…’

‘He started fondling my breasts…and I was going to see my period very soon…yall ladies know how heavy and painful the boobs get at that..’

‘Time of the month so I was literally in pain so I started to cry…He realised I was crying then he stopped and started to beg me to stop…’

‘Crying…I stopped crying then he said the rest of the gang are going to come in to rape me as well but in order not to let them I had to…’

‘Pretend like I was dead…I did as he said…He took everything he stole and got away….I start to try to loose myself…I did eventually..’

‘But he was gone already…I stayed up till 6 with a knife in hand because I was still scared…told my neighbours…We made it to the…’

‘Police station…gave my statement…told them I suspected the guy who came to fix a net on my porch about a week ago because I have been…’

‘Living in that apartment for two years and I never had any issues besides this person knew he had to bring matches to burn my net so he…’

‘Can dip his hand inside and open the net from the outside…so an arrest had to be made….The police station didn’t have a vehicle….’

‘We got a taxi and of course I paid…Unfortunately we didn’t find him…so I had to go to the hospital to get the medical report to take…’

‘Back to the police station….While I was at the hospital I got information the case had been transferred to another police station….’

‘The doctor refused to give me the report because I had to pay 200 cedis and I didn’t have that….luckily my boss heard about it…’

‘So he came to the hospital and settled the bills….We got to the police station…They read the report and it said the guy didn’t…’

‘Ejaculate so there’s no proof he actually did raped me….and I remembered the doctor asking if I felt any pain when he penetrated me….’

‘And I replied no…. the DOCTOR said then I must have enjoyed it even though I had tears in my eyes and I looked a mess….’

‘All my life I had always thought rape wouldn’t really devastate people with an active sex life…I WAS WRONG…’

‘Now each time I see a not so tall guy with a beard my heart just starts to beat faster than usual….and I just start panicking….’

‘I moved out of that neighbourhood and it has really helped me with getting over everything….Each time I saw the guy at the police station.’

‘I would break down and just start to cry and each time I was more convinced he did it…so if you know anyone who has been raped….’

‘Avoiding contact with the rapist helps the healing process…I know that’

‘When the victim can’t tell for sure who raped her….The brain starts to work in a weird way….Every guy who has a feature of the….’

‘Rapist starts to look like the rapist and then act paranoid around these people….If you know anyone like this…helping them to…’

‘To trust you would also help heal’

‘I’m not angry….I could tell the guy wasn’t a thief or a rapist…He was sent…men are not scum…The guy who raped me is scum…’

‘The POLICE MAN who asked if I enjoyed it is scum…’

‘The DOCTOR Who asked if I enjoyed it is scum…’

‘Ladies….fix your door if it’s broken….If you can’t remember if you locked it….get up and check..’

‘When you take a taxi….never drop right in front of your house….three of four houses before yours is better….walk the rest’

‘And please never tell a rape victim to get over it…its never that simple’

‘Every one kept asking why didn’t you scream….why didn’t you fight him….why this and why that….no one stopped to ask him….’

‘Why he broke into my apartment at midnight to steal from me and rape me afterwards….’



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