VIDEO: Outrage as Nigeria Embassy in America stops giving passports to its citizens

Nigerians in America are outraged and angry as the Nigerian Embassy in NewYork have stopped giving passports to citizens due to some technical issues they appear to be facing. Battabox presenter Lolade who is also trying to get her passport speaks to other Nigerians about the situation.


“This is not how you treat Nigerian citizens,” Lolade yells


“This is really frustrating,” says one woman


Many Nigerians in America are getting ready for their summer holidays and some have already booked their flight tickets, but they can’t seem to get their passports before their set day of travel which could lead to them loosing lots of money.


“I had to apply for a visa before i could go to my country, its messed up,” laments one Nigerian man


The public notice posted outside the embassy says ” This consulate would not be processing passport applications until further notice” but this notice still did not explain why people are not getting their passports.


“Give the people what they have payed for,” Lolade shouts angrily to the camera,



source: Batta Box


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