A group called Integrity Mandate Group in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has said that they will not vote for President Muhammadu Buhari in the forthcoming President election slated for Saturday. The group in a statement issued and signed in Abuja on Tuesday, by its National coordinator, Abdullahi Baba, said that, they have directed their over 20 million members across the country not to vote for Buhari. Baba said that in 2015 they mobilized millions of voters for President Buhari across the country, due to his fantastic campaign promises, filled with many hopes, but that they are dissapointed after he (Buhari) assumed office, lamenting that all the campaign promises that made them to go all out for him were denied. Speaking further, economy, anti corruption and security have recorded the worst ever in the history of Nigeria under President Buhari, we asked ourselves, how long are we going to continue to groan in pain secretly because of Buhari. We have defended his many blunders from the beginning of this administration but at a point we started looking and sounding very foolish each time we try to defend what is not defensible. Nigeria today under Buhari is far worse that the way it was under the administration of Jonathan, it will be shameful to say that we supported Buhari blindly in 2015 despite several warnings from all the well meaning Nigerians, Baba Added. We have clearly seen that we owe the country a sense of patriotism and not a political party or a man, we are first a Nigerian before becoming a member of APC or Buharist, if Nigeria is better today, all Nigerians irrespective of their political party will enjoy the dividend of the democracy. It will amount to a disservice to our country if we again turn our blind eyes to all the gaffe and unending blunders committed by Buhari because we are APC members, then we don’t love Nigeria. To clear our conscience, we will rather not vote at all in order not to sin against God and Nigeria, than to vote for President Buhari to return and put the country into greatest jeopardy and continue with his incompetence and bad record of human rights violations. We have sent notices to all our members across the country, and other like minds not to vote for President Buhari, APC remains our political party but the party should have fielded a more energetic, competent, vibrant and detribalize and pan Nigeria person as its Presidential candidate.

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