‘Wearing hijab is not evidence of women’s liberation – Femi Fani Kayode

Former Minister of Aviation and chieftain of People’s Democratic Party, Chief Femi Fani Kayode has lent his voice to the ongoing conversation on ‘Hijab Wearing’ during Call to Bar.

Femi Kani Kayode wrote: “Wearing the hijab is not evidence of women’s liberation and neither is it borne out of free will. It is a Pavlovian reaction and a conditioned response.

It is also an eloquent testimony and ugly reminder of the suffering, servitude, repression, bondage and humiliation of women.

If the Sultan of Sokoto would champion the fight against child marriage and pedophilia in the same way and with the same zeal that he is fighting for and championing the cause of those who wish to wear the hijab, the north would be a much better and safer place for little girls.

The lawyer that insisted on wearing her hijab during her call to the Nigerian bar was being childish and disingenious. You cannot insist on wearing religious garb during a secular ceremony and she is not the first Muslim to be called to the Nigerian bar. Nigeria is a secular state!” – FFK.

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