Some people like it big, while some prefer it small, but don’t be surprised that some people are content with average. At the end of the day, what matters is how good the performance of that thing is. Ever heard of the popular saying, “the bigger, the better”? It is an oldie that is definitely a goldie. The truth is, Nigerians will always argue about size because we have different preferences and desire different outcomes. But really, “does size matter?” You know the answer. Yes, it does. But sometimes, big can have its disadvantages. However, your body can adapt to it, then you could enjoy every bit of that size and then you realize it’s so much fun, right? Now let’s try increasing the size a bit more! How does it feel now? Better? Suddenly you begin to realize even though big might have its disadvantages, the perks are certainly something you can make sacrifices for. So, you are agreeing to the fact that size matters, right? Great! What have we been talking about? If you think it was about that delicate body part, then you are wrong. We are talking about the sizable specs in smartphones that we love and how Africa’s mobile giant, itel Mobile has made it bigger and better with her latest smartphone in the market, the itel P33. The itel P33 flaunts bigger and stellar specs compared to its predecessors in itel’s Maxpower series with a massive 4000mAh battery and power management features that will remain formidable for years to come. The P33 itself is a well-built and decent all-around mid-range Android phone that dons a 5.5” HD+ IPS Fullscreen display, dual rear cameras with bokeh effects, multi-functional fingerprint sensor, face unlock system, and 16GB ROM with an expandable slot that’s up to 32GB amongst others.  It is more fun and satisfactory when you can enjoy a bigger size of something without sweating hard to get it. itel Mobile has made reliable and trendy itel P33, relatively affordable, so no sweating is involved. 2019 is off to a good start for itel Mobile as they are reemphasizing their commitment to providing that affordable, trendy, and reliable smartphone for everyone to meet different preferences. Get yourself an itel P33 to really enjoy the perks of a big sized and effective smartphone.

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