Hisbah Operative Caught With Married Woman In Hotel Room Faces Investigation

The Kano State Hisbah has set up a five-man committee to investigate one of its operatives, Sani Rimo, who was allegedly caught with a married woman in a hotel room.

The Commander-General of Hisbah, Harun Ibn-Sina, confirmed that the committee was given a 3-day mandate to investigate the matter.

“I have set up an investigative committee and given it a 3-day mandate to submit its report. I also have invited all the parties involved to take their statements.

“Hisbah has its governing laws, and if we found him wanting, we will take decisive action against him within our mandate and in accordance with the law,” he said.

Mr Rimo was allegedly caught by policemen from Noman’s Land Division in a dingy hotel room in the red light district of Sabon Gari.

Police sources said they acted on a tip-off and arrested him with the woman in the room.

Mr Rimo who was previously officer in charge of anti-prostitution squad of the moral police, was dreaded by sex workers for his frequent raids around the pleasure district.

He is currently officer in charge of anti-begging unit in Kano.

Police are yet to react to the issue.