US NBCC , SDP’s @Pres_Adebayo announce a 30 Million Nigerian Job Program

 in Agriculture, ICT Green Tech, Tourism and Infrastructure

On Friday, July 1, 2022, at The National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), International Roundtable discussion held in Washington DC at Swahili Village – The Consulate M Street Northwest Washington DC from 2pm to 4:30pm EST. Moderated by NBCC’s Executive Director, Charles H. DeBow III. Met with Prince Adewole ADEBAYO, international attorney who has practice law in the U.S., Nigeria, Australia, U.K., Singapore, and other jurisdictions, and is currently Nigeria’s presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party. Also in attendance were other stakeholders represented by a broad spectrum of companies, countries community and business leaders like Emad Shoeb, COO of Swahili Village.

During their Business Roundtable meeting NBCC announced its “Global Business Initiative” championed by the International Committee, to ensure the participation of Black diasporan businesses in worldwide capitalism opportunities through entrepreneurship, expansion, and development through export and import. Not to be overshadowed, Prince Adewole ADEBAYO, also announced his objective to create a “30 million jobs Program for Nigeria”, in the areas of Agriculture, ICT Green Tech, Tourism, and Infrastructure, that will partner with NBCC International Committee’s Global Business Initiative.
Prince Adebayo committed to participate and be a guest speaker at NBCC’s Annual Convention, with the international theme of “Doing Business Globally Post Pandemic”, occurring during Black Business month on August 16 to 18, 2022 at the Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino 21 Blackjack Blvd., East Peoria, IL 61611. Where he will further detail his plan on creating millions of jobs and businesses in Nigeria, that will fuel economic growth in the country.
The convention agenda will address international export and import topics, issues, programs, partnerships, and opportunities, with a focus on agri-business to create, economic empowerment, job opportunities, and improving the quality of life for communities impacted by agriculture. The convention Participants range from Black diasporan business owners and entrepreneurs to corporate diversity procurement managers, focused on how to develop and invest in business opportunities and relationships in Africa, the Caribbean as well as Latin America. Additional attendees include, government officials, ministries, and agencies representing many industry sectors, all of whom are seeking to showcase investment opportunities in their countries and communities.