SDP HOA Candidate in Ondo State writes open letter to Ilaje LG Chairman

Open letter to Hon. Goke Jatuwase, The Executive Chairman of Ilaje Local Government.


Let me start this letter by first appreciating you and your team over the relative peace we are enjoying in Ilaje Local Government as at today. We hope you will continually formulate policies aimed at securing Ilaje and it’s beautiful people.

This letter is to your good-self, whom I consider one of the leading leaders of Ilaje -Nation. it’s important to tell you this Letter may not be entirely patronizing, especially as the content is based on the subjective views I will express here as a progressive Ilaje Youth and not as a Politician.

The media was awash with one letter purportedly written by one Hon. Obebe Mebino Dickson, Chairman, IGR Committee of Ilaje Local Government.

If the said Letter in circulation is true, then we can only say the government of the day in the Federal, State and by subset, the Hon. Goke Jatuwase led administration are testing the collective resolve of the people.

How inexplicable under a government at all levels that the poverty index had increased in such a geometrical progression, prices of commodities on high sides, unemployment rate on the prowl and many more hardship inflicted on the poor masses, yet a government that’s suppose to be close to the grassroot is the one imposing a tax burden on the people?

Not a single penny is justifiable as tax on the POS operators let alone such outrageous amount of #1500. I don’t want to assume the IGR committee are bereft of ideas that they couldn’t think outside the box. What stop them from finding a way to turn the Araromi Beach to a sought after resort if they are so much in need of revenues?

Your Excellency sir, what happens to the millions of naira generated on monthly basis? I think the time has come to ask critical questions bothering on what the IGR of Ilaje Local Government is expended on.

Whilst I reasonably want to believe the purported letter written with your official letter-headed paper is a prank, we condemn any likelihood of same in its entirety. Double or forced Taxation is inhuman, parochial, oppressive, barbaric, and an anti people policy of the government, capable of decreasing disposable income and plunging the entire local government into a Pandora box.

I hereby call on you and your good office, to as a matter of urgency issue an official statement to allay the fears of the good people of Ilaje Local Government over this rumored “revenue dues”. Any attempt to implement this shameful act of despotism shall be resisted with all apparatchiks of the law.

Sincerely yours,

Barr. Fadeshola A. Ojamomi