Ministerial Slot – Paul Chukwuma on His Own – Group

He Should account for Anambra 2021 Guber Election Campaign Funds

The Andy Uba Support Group has described the recent statements by supporters of the disgraced Director General of the Anambra APC 2021 Governorship Campaign Council, Chief Paul Chukwuma against the purported ministerial nomination of the leader of the All Progressives Congress in Anambra, Senator Andy Uba as the concoction of deranged minds.

The group made this known in a press statement which was made available to newsmen. According to the press statement, Chief Paul Chukwuma, whose greed, avarice and arrogance was wholly exhibited to all who worked in that campaign succeeded in frustrating several stakeholders who had initially conceived the idea of Uba’s candidacy which made them abandon the ship.

The group also asked Chukwuma to account for the funds that accrued to the campaign organisation during his stewardship as the Andy Uba Campaign DG , citing that several persons had reportedly made huge donations to Chukwuma’s account but such monies had not been accounted for till date.

One of such examples was from a South West Governor who released a substantial amount of money for the purpose of supporting the election of the APC Governorship candidate in the 2021 Anambra guber elections. The governor was said to have confided in a ranking Senator from Anambra that Chukwuma stopped taking his calls after he received the donation and that he wouldn’t be surprised if such an amount had not been accounted for.

The usual practice is that after the conclusion of every election, funds received for an election are accounted for, sadly the Campaign DG, Chief Paul Chukwuma in his arrogance and true to his lack of transparency did not tender any form of account to the Governorship Candidate or the party. What he has so far done is to do a splurge acquisition of choice properties in Abuja and other places as well as commenced the construction of a private University in Burundi!

Rather than lie low and hide his face in shame , Chief Paul Chukwuma has been going about gaslighting Senator Uba and spewing canards about what really transpired going as far as alleging that Senator Uba did not bring a farthing for his own election campaign. He also alleged that asides Governor Hope Uzodinma, he was the major financier of that election. What manner of falsehood? What a trajectory of prevarications?

We want to ask Paul Chukwuma if Andy Uba did not fund his election campaign how come the sum of three hundred and fifty million Naira, was sent to him by Senator Uba’s wife? Also , what happened to the monies received from the mortgages paid on properties belonging to Senator Uba, what happened to the funds raised by associates of Senator Uba, monies amounting to almost 3 billion Naira, which were all deposited into his accounts!

Let us not forget in a hurry how this same fellow pushed out every well meaning member of the APC who wanted to support Andy Uba in that election, while humiliating several of them in the process, an act which forced many of them to support other parties.

Today, we have noticed that the same conman is going about with a former senator from another party attempting to sell her to this new administration as a possible candidate for Ministerial nomination, if this is not a slap on the long suffering members of Anambra APC then we need to ask what is?

They have accused Andy Uba of not working for Tinubu’s success, if this is not comedy we wonder what is, however let us ask did Paul Chukwuma support Tinubu in the primaries to start with? Did he not attempt to change the party’s delegate list to include non-party members who would then vote Lawan? As an acclaimed stakeholder, did Paul Chukwuma identify with the ambition to get Tinubu elected at any level, even at his ward? Today, he is going about casting aspersions on the likes of Senator Uba who did.

It is in this vein that we ask Paul Chukwuma to desist from his campaign of calumny against the leader of our party Senator Andy Uba and his continuing inordinate ambition to supplant genuine APC members in the course of who becomes minister in the Bola Tinubu administration, both moves will seriously be resisted vehemently. We can no longer allow unscrupulous fellows to reap where they did not sow.

Lastly we urge the President , Senator Bola Tinubu and members of his kitchen cabinet to be wary of Paul Chukwuma, we urge them to be careful in their dealings with him or perhaps consult those on ground in the party before he contaminates this administration with his dirty politicking with no regard for morality. A word they say is enough for the wise!