Win A Trip To Cote d’Ivoire In The itel End of the Year Promo!

An ALL-EXPENSES PAID trip to Cote d’Ivoire to watch the Nigerian team play? You can get this in the itel End of the Year Promo! itel is known for dropping sweet offers for customers. Still, this offer is certainly beyond stunning in every dimension!

It is why you should make it a date at the nearest phone retail store because this season’s itel End of the Year Promo is the BIGGEST one yet! Picture this; you buy an itel A70, itel S23, or itel S23+ for an affordable sum of money, then the next thing you know, you are on a plane to Cote D’Ivoire to have the time of your life!

And it does not even end there.

The itel End of the Year Promo is so packed with goodies, you won’t miss any. When it comes to itel,  everyone is a winner every time! So, when you get any of the itel A70, itel S23, and itel S23+ in the itel End of the Year Promo, you get a scratch card which gives you a chance to win a trip to Cote D’Ivoire, brand new itel smartphones, and many more. If it is not bags of rice or cooking oil you are winning, it is the stunning itel accessories like smart watches, powerbanks, Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, and LOTS MORE on every purchase you make.


The itel End of the Year Promo is truly like none other, and from 13th November to 31st December 2023, all roads lead to every phone retail store nationwide! It’s a better life season after all!

So, pack your bags and get your vacation mood on, Cote d’Ivoire is calling!!!