Final Year Student Arrested for Raping a Male in FUOYE Wants to Be First Youth Governor of Ondo State

Olalekan Oni, a 400-level student in the criminology department at the Federal University of Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE), Ekiti State, was arrested on Monday for rape.

Findings revealed that the final-year student had previously announced that he would be the first youth governor of Ondo State, his state of origin.

FIJ learned that Oni, also known as Asiwaju, was arrested for raping a fellow male student. Students told FIJ that this was not Oni’s first rape, as he often drugged and raped young male students of the institution.

“He’s an executive in the social science faculty. From what I heard, he 

In a video clip circulating on X (Twitter), a police officer held Oni, who was wearing a shirt and shorts, by the side while walking him to a white police van. Following closely behind them and also flanking the duo on both sides were students.

While reports claimed that Oni was an executive member of the Student Union Government (SUG) of FUOYE, the SUG leaders refuted it in a statement issued on Monday. However, FIJ found that he was the chief of staff to the faculty of social sciences’ student union president as of December 2023.

An Instagram page screenshot showing that Oni was a chief of staff as of December 2023
An Instagram page screenshot showing that Oni was a chief of staff as of December 2023

He also recently presented his project research, which, ironically, examines the “causes and youths involvement in criminal activity”.


Checks through his Facebook posts show that just nine days before his arrest, he had announced that his next ambition was to be the first youth governor of Ondo State.

“My next ambition is to be the first youth to become Ondo State Governor. Becoming governor for me is a calling, not an ambition. I believe that God at any point in time controls the destinies of men. I believe that with my experience, expertise and track record, I have so much to offer our people by serving as their governor. And we have very clear short, medium and long-term plans,” he wrote on June 8.

When FIJ called Sunday Abutu, the police public relations officer in the state on Tuesday, he said, “It’s a report we got, and the suspect has been arrested. An investigation has commenced. the suspect is denying it, while the victim is alleging. But after the investigation, we will know who is actually saying the truth and who is lying.”