Faith Morey Visits Alma Mater, Bereton College, emphasizes on the importance of education

Philanthropist and reality TV star, Faith Morey has counselled the students of her Alma Mater on the importance of education, etiquettes, respect, resilience, and hard work in achieving great success.

Morey stated this during her visit to Bereton Montessori School, Port Harcourt, her alma mater, where she was a student 2 decades ago.

The institution prepared a heartwarming and nostalgic welcome ceremony to honor and welcome the distinguished guest, showcasing the deep respect and admiration held for the former basketball player and model, in the event that was characterized by spirited performances, and presentations.

Morey as an esteemed alumnus emphasized the importance of education

Expressing her commitment to supporting education, Morey emphasized on the need to stay in school and get quality education for a better future.

Morey while leaving the school premises with a renewed sense of gratitude and nostalgia, said she cherished the memories of her formative years and reaffirmed her commitment to contributing to the growth and development of educational institutions in Rivers State.

According to her, “Bereton was where l knew I was a sportswoman from my passion for running, playing basketball.

When I set my mind on a particular goal, no one can make me deviate till I achieve it. We are in a social media age where you see people with cars and other good stuffs and you are like “I want this” but you have to start first.

Now is the time to think about what you want to be in the next 5 years and start working towards that goal now.

Education is very important as I tell people always. I also will be attending a business class in November and that’s because I meet people in high places and I want to be able to carry on conversations.

Life is in stages, you have to go to school and be the best in school to the point that when your name is mentioned, people remember. Remember, your name will take you to rooms money cannot take you.”

The visit was a testament to the enduring impact of quality education and the importance of maintaining connections with one’s roots. Faith Morey’s visit to Bereton Montessori School was an inspiring and enlightening experience for both the students and the staff.