Sanwo-Olu Launches Adopt-A-Bin Program For Refuse Collection In Lagos

Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu today launched the Adopt-A-Bin Program which, a program designed to promote effective waste management in the State, with emphasis on waste sorting right at the point of generation.

The Lagos State Government will make available, an initial 40,000 standard bins to households and commercial entities. The 240-litre bins, in green and blue colours, would be used for general waste and for recyclable items.

They are smart and equipped with intelligent devices, that enable tracking and identification.

The Adopt-a-Bin programme will promote sorting of waste at source, a key ingredient in the state government’s recycling and circular economy drive.

The Bins are colour coded to align with LAWMA’ s Recycling  Strategy:

• Green with Orange Lid – General Waste
• Blue with Orange Lid – Recyclables (Plastics, Paper, Cardboard, Cans etc)

Target Audience
• Organised Residential Estates
• Commercial /Industrial Facilities
• Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
• Catering Facilities and Eateries
• Banks and Financial Institutions
• Local Markets
• Retail Shopping Malls