Osun Election – The Nation is Atikulating – Group – One Nigeria Movement.

A Group under the auspices of One Nigeria Movement has hailed the outcome of the Osun Guber Elections which saw Senator Adeleke Emerge as Governor – Elect.

The group noted that, the contention for political power between the ruling party APC led by BAT, PDP led by Atiku and the online Labour Party led by Peter Obi, has now been truly tested twice – in Ekiti and Osun. While the first bout easily went to APC, the second has gone to PDP and the reasons are now as clear as daylight.

Ekiti was an easy walkover and could not really pass as a true test of strength because, out of the three main challengers, only BAT was in Ekiti to campaign for his candidate, as Atiku and Obi had reasons to be absent and like they say, when the cat is not at home, the rat claims to be king.

But the table has been turned and it is apparent that Atiku is the real political heavyweight of the three. His presence in Osun for PDP’s mega rally made the difference and was all that is needed to tell the direction that 2023 will go.

Mind you, Osun is rated the bigger of both battles given that it is the ancestral home of Asiwaju and a state that he cannot afford to lose at all.

The Labour Party made a forced effort to stage a rally, but despite the encouraging turnout, all they could muster was a paltry 2k votes, obviously the people only turned out to assess Obi and it is evident by the result that the masses did not find him inspiring enough to give his party their votes.

This is just morning and as the old saying goes, the morning shows the day.

2023 is for Atiku and PDP, it is a race between a contender, the rejected and a pretender and the handwriting is clearly on the wall now.

A household name, known and loved across the length and breadth of Nigeria, as long as elections are free and fair, ‘Atiku the Unifier’ towers head and shoulder above all others.