Serviceking automobile restored our dented cars – Satisfied Motorist

Serviceking, Nigeria’s leading automobile repair workshop, marks one year of existence with over 1871 motorists testifying that the company’s services are topnotch.

The automobile repair company which has positioned to become the leading auto repair workshop in Nigeria has come to solve the problems of lack of professional repairs for dented cars and other professional vehicle repair and painting services which are lacking in Nigeria.

The company has been in business since the 16th of July, 2021 in Ibadan, after It started operations due to the lack of total repairs of dented car back to their manufacturing condition.

It is no news that restoring the chassis of cars that are involved in accidents to manufacturer’s state is a service that greatly eludes Nigerians because of lack of qualifies workshop and engineers to perform the services.

This is even as painters, mechanics and technicians usually do a shoddy job of such services, leaving the car owners in regret and sadness.

However, in a bid to correct that, Serviceking was born as a complete vehicle repair center in a class of its own.

Professional services and equipment at Serviceking:

The automobile repair workshop is equipped with automated chassis straightening machine, automatic vehicle tire changers, balancers, diagnostic machines, and a global standard oven spray booth for car painting. All these equipment of global standard are to return the vehicle back to its original shape and form.

The services at Serviceking includes aluminum repairs, engine works, glass repairs, tires and wheels services, dent repairs, A/C services, auto painting, car diagnostic services, vehicle inspection, corporate services and premium car servicing.

Any customer coming in to Serviceking drops off their vehicle, then engine work and/or body work is done depending on the condition. After that, the vehicle is taken for painting and polishing, after which it is reassembled and given a car spa treatment which includes washing and vacuuming, leaving the motor happy and the customer happy as well.

The team:

This auto repair company has a team of professionals with top notch skills in restoring a car back to it’s manufacturer’s state.

It has a team of qualified professionals that gets car back to its new shape and form. The team includes auto-mechanical engineers, auto-electricians, technicians, and painters.

Speaking to newsmen, the General Manager of the company, Mr. Olumide Olawale, said due to the quality of services provided, Serviceking has been able to partner with reputable companies and stakeholders in the transport industry.

Furthermore, to battle instability in the prices of vehicle parts, the Chairman has smartly made agreements beforehand with vehicle part manufacturers around the world so as to get vehicle parts with competitive pricing and make the customers even happier.

This is evident in the testimonies of satisfied customers.

Customers testify about quality services:

Customers that Serviceking had worked with in the past had wonderful reviews about their services.

For instance, one of the customers, Mr. Ademola, while testifying to the expertise of Serviceking, said he never believed his vehicle could be so well painted like it’s brand new until he met Serviceking Nigeria.

Similarly, another customer, Emeka Madu, said “a drunk driver had a serious collision with my Range Rover and I completely wrote off the vehicle because the chassis were even bent but someone referred me to Serviceking Nigeria and even though I had my doubts, I decided to give it a shot. The outcome brought tears of joy to my face as they not only restored the chassis, they gave my car a new life. Most people thought I bought a brand new Range Rover”.

Also, another customer, Mrs. Oluwatoyin said ‘’Serviceking did a really great job. I’ve never felt so comfortable driving my car in a long time. I got value for the money I spent. Thanks”.

Mrs. Olayinka, in her words, said “My sister told me about Serviceking and I felt I should give it a try and I did. You (Serviceking) and your team were able to put my car in comfortable shape and I’m happy about it”.

Customer satisfaction, confort and excellent service is among the cardinal goal of Serviceking.

Surely, the aim of Serviceking is to make their customers comfortable and therefore, happy.

Mr. Adeyemi Adeyanju, another customer, said “The birth of Serviceking has given him a level of comfort and he can safely fix his cars with his eyes closed”.

Corroborating this, Mrs. Comfort Olaseni who also had her car worked on, said “My car developed a fault while in transit and Serviceking came to my rescue and I just wish they can come set up such a company in Osun state”.

Mrs. Ogochukwu says ‘’after taking my jeep to different mechanics with no improvement, I heard about Serviceking and decided to give it a trial. I didn’t believe it when I was called that my motor was working until I saw it myself. Now, I’m telling everyone about Serviceking”.

So far in their one year existence, Serviceking has been able to provide quality services to amazing 1871 customers who almost always come back, even for tips and pieces of advice that Serviceking’s team readily gives.

In marking it’s one year existence, Serviceking said it appreciates all it’s customers who believed in it’s quality services as they encourage it to do even more.

“We appreciate all our clients and their honest feedbacks which have enabled us to improve more on our services and as we progress, we would not relent in providing the top notch services we have promised,” said the company in a statement.

It said further that, “We hope to foster better relationship with our clients and as we celebrate our first year, we are saying Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! Without you, there won’t be us.”

“We shall be reaching out to all our clients and show some appreciation for sticking by us.”

Further plans by the company:

The vision of the Chairman, Engr. Abayomi Oguntowo, is to extend the hours that services are being rendered to 24/7 to help customers more and also increase the number of vehicle owners being attended to.

There are also plans to open more automobile repair workshops throughout the nation. The goal of the company as it moves forward is to increase efficiency and speed of delivery.

To mark Serviceking’s first anniversary, they are offering all old and new customers FREE souvenirs and Car Polishing Service valued at N7500 for the first 1000 car owners to book the service on their website (