Lottery Regulation: FG wins Court case to be Sole regulator.

The Federal Government(The Nigerian Lottery Regulation commission and the Nigerian Lottery Trust fund) has won a lawsuit against the Lagos state Government and other state Governments on the issue of multiple regulation in the gaming sector.

The Bookmakers association of Nigeria had initiated a lawsuit to determine the legitimate regulators of gaming businesses because they complained about paying multiple taxes and licensing fees to states and the Federal Government.

In the Suit NO: FHC/L/CS/15992020 filed before Hon. Justice I.N Oweibo of the Lagos high court, the Judge declared that the Federal Government should be the sole regulator of gaming business in the country as the constitution is clear on the position of lottery in the exclusive list and the National Assembly can legislate on lottery matters.

This judgement may put an end to the back and forth bickering between the bookmakers and state Governments on multiple taxation and regulation.