The coordinator of the ijaw mandate group and Senior Special adviser to Governor Okowa on political matters, Hon Dagidi Andaye has expressed optimism on behalf of the Ijaws in regards to their support for the PDP gubernatorial candidate Hon Sheriff Oborevwori, and the Atiku/Okowa ticket.

Speaking to our correspondent at the recent unveiling of the PDP guber aspirant as the sole choice of the Ijaw Nation, he stated; “Ijaws will vote massively for PDP”. It is in the interest of our people in Delta state to align with the PDP at this precious moment of our political history, we the Ijaws have sacrificed too much for the party, to now play opposition at this dying moment.

Hon Dagidi emphasized that only the PDP can guarantee a pathway to an Ijaw governorship in Delta state come 2031 after Hon Sheriff Oborevwori has served his full term of 8years. He stated this based on the PDP’s rotational system in the state which guarantees every tribe has a taste of the exalted office. At the moment it is the turn of Delta central after they last had it with Former Governor James Ibori. It then moved to Delta South which is made up of the Ijaws, Itsekiri’s and the Isokos. The Itsekiris were the first to have a go at it with Former Governor Uduaghan, it then moved to Delta North, where the current Governor who also is the Vice Presidential candidate of the PDP, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa hails from. So with the mantle coming back to Delta central, it’s no gain saying that after the turn of the Delta central, power is moving to Delta south where the Ijaws are poised on getting it.

While stating that it wasn’t an easy choice for him and his group when they came out against an Ijaw candidacy at the party Primaries to declared full support for an Urhobo candidate in person of Hon Sheriff Oborevwori, he emphasized it was the right call for for the Ijaws to benefit at the long term. We the Ijaws and our Urhobo neighbors have had great cordial relationships over the years both politically and socially, it wouldn’t have been wise to truncate a peaceful process of power sharing that has benefitted all tribes of the state. “I know the urhobos will surely reciprocate our sacrificial support when that day comes” he said.

Why should anyone even try to imagine that the ijaws will want to gamble at this point? Remember in Delta state we are part of the minorities, and in politics you must play your cards well. For our people to have a taste of that seat, which is closer than ever, we sure need a strong party and the support of our neighbors from Delta Central and Delta North, which the PDP currently offers.
The fact that the ijaws have also benefitted immensely from the current government, where some major roads and infrastructures have been constructed to ease the burden of our people, It is obvious the PDP is the party to beat in Ijaw land, and Honorable Sheriff Oborevwori is winning the elections come 2023.

“A man does not learn how to eat with left hand at old age”, our people understand this fact very well, and they are not willing to play opposition politics for some “Greek Gift” now that the cards are in our favor. Ijaws will deliver 100% for Sheriff and the entire PDP up and down the ballot that I can assure you.

Hon Dagidi Andaye is the Convener Ijaw Mandate Group, SSA to Governor Okowa, SA to PDP National chairman.