Nigerian Arrested In India Over Scam Advert

A Nigerian national, Eze Ndubuisi, has been arrested in India for duping a trader using fake websites.

The 42-year-old was arrested in Navi Mumbai where he was residing, following a complaint from a trader from Tuticorin, Panimaya Manoj.

According to Times of India, Manoj filed a complaint with the cyber police stating that he had given almost 37 lakhs (approximately N20 million) to a man after coming across an advertisement on WhatsApp.

In an advertisement for a fake export order, Manoj was asked to send medicines to Togo-based Vetis Animal Health Industry by collecting them from Sharma Enterprises in Maharashtra and Krishna Industries from Sikkim.

Manoj had received multiple emails claiming to be from these industries, and transferred the amount.

After Manoj realised that he was neither getting medicines nor any response from the person communicating with him after transferring the money, he lodged a complaint with the cyber police at Tuticorin.

Based on the instructions of senior police officials, a special team was formed to investigate the case.

The team found that Ndubuisi was responsible for the fake advertisement on WhatsApp, and had cheated Manoj via fake emails and Whatsapp numbers.

Following investigations, Ndubuisi was arrested at his house at Ulwe Node in Navi Mumbai around 2am on December 29, 2022.

The police seized a laptop and three mobile phones from Ndubuisi upon his arrest.