Oyetola Political Hopelessness and the Legal Journey to Nowhere

  • Political Commentary by Sodiq Tade

If you have been following Osun politics in the last 4 years, you will understand that APC in Osun is in its current spot due to Oyetola’s desperation to be politically relevant. While there is nothing bad in trying to be relevant in politics, there is everything bad in trying to be without the goodwill of the people.

Adeleke’s victory, apart from being people’s victory and a major shift of power from a notorious ruling party, it is also a revealer of Oyetola’s desperation and that of his headless sycophants.

Since Oyetola lost the last election, he has become more desperate for power more than ever. He feels entitled to what he doesn’t deserve. Obviously, that stems from the fact that he has always enjoyed the benefit of political godfatherism. What else can explain his uncontrolled and self-centered quest for power even in the face of obvious reality of failure? And I must say he has succeeded in his blind quest, he has succeeded in moving from being an unknown Chief of Staff to an unpopular former Governor trying to rob the people of their hard earned mandate. A downward political journey, if you ask me.

Going by the current situation in Osun State, Oyetola has lost the remaining goodwill he used to enjoy as an ex-Governor due to his desperation to be relevant in the political space. It is not news that since he lost heavily to Adeleke last year, he has embarked on a legal journey heading nowhere just to keep his name up in the media. You don’t need more than basic education to know that Oyetola doesn’t have a case. You don’t need a lawyer to school you about it.

Oyetola and his headless sycophants have built their case on fake figures and the only place they can win with those figures is their WhatsApp groups. If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed a sharp change in narrative from their camp. In the very beginning, they shamelessly claimed they were rigged out through “over-voting”. Beyond the law, the question is now:

Can you rig out the incumbent Governor in today’s Nigeria?

Your guess is as good as mine. It is almost impossible. You can only defeat the incompetent incumbent with the help of the people. The power will always be with the people.

Having realised that they are not going anywhere with the over-voting narrative, they moved to the validity of the winner’s school certificate. The question is now:

Can a lower court overrule the verdict of the higher court?

Again, your guess is as good as mine. This is the reason I said you didn’t even need more than basic education to know that they were not going anywhere with the case. Oyetola and his followers are aware of this fact but they won’t stop the nonsense charade, they must be seen doing something.

The ex-Governor should stop being desperate for power and focus on the survival of his party in the state because, as it is presently, PDP will win all the available seats in the coming election. Having said all, I must however confess that his desperation is good sight to behold because political desperation is the last step before political oblivion.