Ughelli North II: Let’s move forward with Agofure – Oke Umurhohwo

In every election circle, there are bound to be questions on the direction that the electorate should take in the election. This is the situation with many voters in Ughelli North Constituency II, where questions on whether to move forward or otherwise are being contemplated by the electorate as we draw closer to March 11 for the Delta State House of Assembly elections.

No matter how we want to look at it, the choice before us is very straightforward and that is to move forward, which is what Honourable Onoriode Agofure represents. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched, putting into consideration Agofure’s sterling capability, resourcefulness, and leadership zeal.

Agofure’s depth of experience in the legislature is an excellent asset in giving the Constituency its deserved voice in the House and helpful in agitating for the rights of constituents. As a two-time councillor, Agofure has a deep understanding of the needs of the people at the grassroots and makes providing succour easy to do.

As a lawmaker in the House, Agofure has shown tremendous zeal for responsibility. He has demonstrated a firm commitment to representing the interest of the Constituency and bringing about deserved progress.

Even more enticing about the choice of Agofure is his strong feelings for humanity, which is evident in the uncommon attention he gives to alleviating the plights of the people in need. This attitude, which revealed his innermost love and passion for bringing succour to those in need, makes him the most suitable choice for the Ughelli North Constituency 2 seat.

In the time he has been in the House, Agofure has pursued legislation that is sensible and targeted at impacting the lives of the weak and the depressed, and has offered a strong voice in projecting the challenges of the people. Agofure has demonstrated his capacity to navigate difficult situations in canvassing for the good of all, not minding faith, tongue, political learning, and differences.

For those who know him well enough, Agofure is someone who listens and always strives to highlight the challenges of the people to the concerned authority and press hard for resolution. Electing him will make it possible for him to continue his efforts of driving growth and development for the Constituency at large.

The truth, which the people must come to terms with in their choice for the House of Assembly when they cast their ballots on March 11, is that delivering desirable governance goes beyond pettiness, but a true commitment to service. This is not the time to be fixated on partisan consideration but to go in the direction that moves the Constituency forward.

It is vitally important that the electorate in Ughelli North Constituency II push back the cheap rhetorics that could deny them the service of an effective representative as Agofure remain the most probable choice for the March 11 election. Members of the constituency need to understand that the choice of who represents and stands as our voice at the Delta State House of Assembly bears so much on their respective endeavours and they must maximize the opportunity that the election of Agofure offers.

If the goal is about moving Ughelli North Constituency II forward, then the only option available to us is Hon Onoriode Agofure of the PDP. Vote for him on March 11 because we can not afford to move backwards as people.

Oke Umurhohwo,
7th March, 2023
Ughelli, Delta State