2023: Let us get Delta Sheriffied, By Oke Umurhohwo

By May 29, 2023, the baton of leadership in Delta State will change hands. This is because the current occupier, His Excellency Governor Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa will have exhausted the constitutionally allowed two-term in office as Governor, hence the need for a new occupier of the topmost political seat in the state.

This reality is provoking a salient question on the minds of Deltan– who should take over from Governor Okowa? On the surface, it will appear simple and easy to answer, but a deeper look, especially the implication of a wrong choice, call for deep thinking in arriving at a choice when we cast our ballots on March 18.

Under Governor Okowa, Delta State has seen progress in many sphere of affairs and this gives rise to expectations that whoever will be succeeding him must be up to the task to consolidate and continue the thread of growth and development attained for the state.

And if the experience and impressive standing of the incumbent Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, and now the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Rt Honourable Sheriff Oborevwori, has demonstrated anything, it is that he is uniquely suited to keep up the pace of developments set by the previous administrations and move the state forward.

From 2017 when he was elected as the Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly by his colleagues, Oborevwori exuded impressive managerial prowess, bonding lawmakers together to work for the good of the people irrespective of their political difference. For Oborevwori, the people come first, and this was the motivating factor behind his quest to lead Delta State as Governor.

Outside Delta, Oborevwori management acumen is a well established fact, serving as the National Treasurer and now Deputy Chairman of the Conference of Speakers of State Legislatures in Nigeria. Oborevwori is a good manager of resources, who will ensure that Deltans enjoy the full benefits of whatever accrued to the state coffers.

Even more persuading about his choice is the fact that he will put the interest of every Deltans ahead of his own, which is something hard to say about his challengers for the seat. By every measure, Oborevwori clearly has the experience, knowledge, and zeal needed to maintain and improve the quality of governance that Deltans get. As Governor, Delta state and its people will benefit from Oborevwori’s experience in local, state, and federal affairs.

As a former councillor, Oborevwori has a better grasp of the need of people at the grassroots, and his time in various executive positions adequately equipped him for the task ahead. Equally endearing, is Oborevwori’s legislative experience, which will facilitate a harmonious relationship with the state legislature to deliver good governance for the people of Delta State.

And more is Oborevwori’s friendly posture to young people, which preface that he will run a youth friendly government. In his campaigns across the state, Oborevwori demonstrated strong desire to explore the various talents possessed by young people in Delta state, promising to cultivate their innovative ideas in his mission to take the state to a greater height.

Oborevwori understands the issues facing our state and offers practical solutions that turns them into opportunities that benefit all. Unlike other contestants for the governorship seat, Oborevwori will not be working on assumptions or fantasies that do not address any challenges. He will bring to bear his resourcefulness and grasp of the policies needed to lead the state into desirable growth.

Delta State has made considerable progress over the years and we can not afford to reverse all those gains with unfeasible ideas. By all measures, the candidature of Oborevwori is a choice that promises to build on the policies and legacy of Governor Okowa, and this means that Delta state will continue on the path of progress and development.

As the Speaker of the state legislature, Oborevwori has demonstrated that he has the potential to fulfill not just the expectations of the people, but also a proper sense of the huge demands of the Governor’s office. The fact that Oborevwori listens to differing opinions, and welcomes suggestions augurs well for the task ahead– delivering the Delta of our dream.

It is not just that Oborevwori would make a fine Governor, he would go on to create a future we would all be proud of. This is because Oborevwori has spent a lifetime thinking about how to make things better for everyone and working to make that happen. The same can not be said of most of his challengers to the coveted governorship seat.

If Oborevwori is elected Governor, he will aspire to serve all Deltans; listen to all sides, advance the welfare of all; and equitably spread developments in parts of the state. This will bring about incremental progress and ensure that all citizens, no matter partisan learning or status, have a real sense of governance.

The choice for Delta voters who are concerned about the state’s prospects could not be clearer. Oborevwori’s humble background has prepared him well enough for the task ahead, and more than anyone in the race for the governorship seat, he has a better chance of building the Delta we all wanted. For all Deltans who care about the progress of this state and their children’s future, the right thing to do is to get Delta Sheriffied on March 18.

Hon Oke Umurhohwo writes from Ughelli, Delta State