Sex Tape Of Top Nigerian Daily Trust Editor Leaks Online

One of the top Editors at a leading Nigerian newspaper (DailyTrust) is currently enmeshed in a sex scandal.

The fellow who chairs the Editorial board of the newspaper which is seen as the voice of the north took a lady to one of the hotels situated few metres from the headquarters of the media outlet in Abuja.

The company he works for is arguably the most influential publication in Nigeria’s seat of power. It recently embarked on an expansion, including television (where the editor anchors a programme) and radio to its stable.

This media outlet publishes a weekly Hausa paper and a daily English paper.

According to sources, who shared pictures and videos with this publication, the Editor, said to be hot tempered mistakenly uploaded videos of his escapade on social media.

In one of the videos uploaded on WhatsApp, the Editor was seen having raw sex.

Although he concealed his face, some parts of his body and skin colour gave him out

It is not really clear how the video found its way to his status but the receipt of the hotel was uploaded alongside the money he transferred to the lady for her services.

The receipt showed that the fellow who was until a little over a year ago a lecturer in one of the northern universities owned by a Presidential Candidate in the last election, checked into the hotel at 10:40pm on the said date.

Apparently as a result of cash scarcity, all the payment were done electronically through his Jaiz Bank account.

While he was lucky to take down two of the controversial pictures and video, others spent 24 hours on his status, to the embarrassment of the fellow, whose name and surname are the same.

There were two Editors with same name and surname in the company, but one resigned a few months ago to take up appointment with the Presidential Candidate who later emerged overall winner of the election that is being contested in court.

Amid the barrage of calls and reprimands, the Editor in the eye of the storm claimed his phone was hacked.

However, the lid was blown when he used the same phone to send a disclaimer.

“I’ve deleted them on my phone but they are still available for others to view. I’m so sorry if you are viewing them too,” he had written 30 minutes.

Shortly after, he wrote, “What sort of tyranny is this? How could WhatsApp leave content on my status for others to view even after I have deleted them from my status?”

“It is possible that he was set up by the prostitute he hired. He might have been drugged while the sex scenes and receipts were uploaded to embarrass him,” a source in the know said.

Another said the man confessed to some persons close to him that he mistakenly uploaded the embarrassing act and could not delete easily because he is not tech savvy.

The company reportedly set up a disciplinary panel to investigate the action of the Editor who had his PhD abroad, but some powerful forces are said to be trying to give him soft-landing.

Notwithstanding the connection he has, subordinates are said to be mocking the Editor who swims in controversy.

Sources said he was fired from the university before he got a job as lower level staff at the newspaper but he used his connection to find his way to the top.

However, on the home front, the wife is said to be seeking divorce as a result of the shame and trauma.

The Editor has since sent emissary to help him placate his wife but things are yet to return to the way they are.

When contacted for reaction, the former lecturer hung up immediately he heard the direction of the discussion and switched off his phone immediately.