Adeniyi Adeniran Commends Judiciary For Justice On Osun Governorship Appeal Judgement

Ademola Adeleke Support Vanguard (AASV) has commended the judiciary for ensuring there was no miscarriage of justice in the Osun governorship appeal judgement.

The Convener of AASV, Cadre Adeniyi Adediran, said the court’s judgement is a well deserved victory for the good people of Osun State.

“I receive with utmost joy the ruling of the Osun State Governorship Appeals. Indeed, the Judiciary still remains the hope of the common man. Justice is one of the most important ideals in our society. It’s what we strive for in order to create a fair and equitable world,” he said.

Adediran said the governor of Osun state, Ademola Adeleke has crossed yet another hurdle via a hard fought victory.

“The mandate of delivering good governance, human capital development, infrastructural uplift, ameliorating community needs, and in the overall, ensuring that the dividends of democracy reaches everyone and community in Osun State.

“Your mandate, which the people gave you freely, is the divinely ordained. I encourage you to continue to do the good work, without fear or favor. I am glad to have you where you can do so much good,” he added.