Tiktoker Modou Adams Caught Trying To Smuggle £300,000 Worth Of Cocaine

A British TikTok influencer has been apprehended and incarcerated in Peru for attempting to transport cocaine valued at £300,000 into the United Kingdom.

The incident transpired at the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Peru, where, on September 30, he was subjected to a search and subsequently detained. A court in Peru’s Callao district sentenced the 25-year-old, Adams, to six years and eight months in prison. The charges against him were related to orchestrating the transportation of 2.9 kilograms of cocaine to London.

Adams was seized at an airport in Peru when he was found in possession of nearly three kilograms of cocaine. Surveillance footage captured him bringing a suitcase into his hotel, and he was intercepted while attempting to board a flight back to Europe. Adams confessed to his wrongdoing and received a £1,500 fine. He will serve his prison term in Peru, marking the end of his career as an online influencer. This incident underscores the legal repercussions of drug smuggling, even for individuals with a significant presence on social media.

Following his sentencing, Peru’s Supreme Court shared an edited image of the online influencer in behind bars on social media.