Ohiniyi’s Passing: Do not Attempt to spit on the grave of our Revered Late Monarch”, Group warns Yahaya Bello

….Says father-figure speech, an attempt to re-write history, insult on the collective intelligence of Ebira Nation

Concerned Ebira Youths group has condemned the Governor of Kogi state, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, over his condolence speech at the Azad Palace on the passing of HRM. Dr. Ado Ibrahim, CON, saying such speech was an attempt to re-write history and insult the collective intelligence of Ebira Nation.

“The governor’s remarks at the Palace is a hogwash and a horrible attempt to rewrite the story of the pains which the governor caused our King in the last seven years,” the group noted.

Continuing, group said “at a time like this, when the entire Ebira Nation has been thrown into mourning over the demise of their paramount traditional ruler, the Governor need not add salt to the injury currently being suffered by Ebiraland, by telling a barefaced lie just to suit the moment.

“The governor needs to know that the entire Ebiraland was shocked to have heard Yahaya Bello describe the late monarch as a ‘father figure’ as one begins to wonder if one’s father should be subjected to public ridicule and disrespect in a manner that the governor treated our King in his life time”.

“It is worthy of note that Governor Yahaya Bello constantly provoked our late father, the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland during his lifetime including threats of possible deposition.

“It is also in the public domain and registered firmly in the minds of every Ebiraman and woman how Yahaha Bello tried severally to subject the revered monarch to ridicule but for the elegance of the king and the support of the Anebira which the king enjoyed at all times.

“Governor Yahaya Bello telling such lies to seemingly elevate himself as one who was in the good books of the king at his tomb, is tantamount to spiting on the grave of the late Aniku Gbogidi and also an insult on the entire Ebira race of good conscience.

“The question begging for answer is; were those years of endless disregard, disrespect and ridicule, a preparation for him (GYB) to ascend the throne when the Ohinoyi has gone to meet his ancestors?

“If Dr. Ado Ibrahim were to be his biological father, would Bello have subjected him to humiliations and ridicule?

“Every right thinking Anebira knows the answers to these questions and would never be fooled by the crocodile tears being shared by Governor Yahaya Bello,” the group further said.