APC group accuses YIAGA of bias over comment on Imo Governorship election

…..praises INEC over a job well done to standard

…..thanks the people of Imo State for overwhelmingly voting Governor Hope Uzodimma

A group named APC Youth Vanguard on Monday questioned YIAGA’s integrity as an election monitoring group, over comments on the just-concluded Imo State Governorship election. The APC group further accused YIAGA of bias as to its view of the election as an election monitoring group.

“Our attention, has drawn to a certain group called YIAGA attempting to discredit a credible election held in Imo State. It is a general fact that Governor Hope Uzodimma won overwhelmingly. We are not surprised that YIAGA is opposing the election. We recall that the PDP protested and petitioned the INEC that YIAGA should not participate in the election monitoring because of their affiliation to the deputy Governorship candidate of the Labour Party. Therefore, YIAGA was already biased. Hence, within 24hours they are already discrediting the election. YIAGA discrediting the election is a premeditated decision, having known that they are going to lose the election, they prepared the discrediting of the election before the election was held.

  1. YIAGA’s attempt to say the election was not held in any Local Government is childish and defeatist on YIAGA’s part,” the APC group said.

“The entire business community, the religious community, the youths, the women, the whole of the State had reached a consensus that they want to return the Governor because of his achievements. The election was held transparently. This is the first time a Governor will win in Government House and in every single place and in every single Local Government. Governor Hope Uzodimma has done very well. He provided leadership in the State despite all the attempt to sabotage, to blackmail, to discredit him. The Governor has done so well. The people of Imo State are very happy with him and we are very happy with the election. We commend INEC for a very good election that they have done. The turn-out was massive. We thank INEC for a job well done to the highest expected standard, we thank the people of Imo State for overwhelmingly voting Governor Hope Uzodimma,” the APC group further said.