Esan NE/SE Reps ticket: Group Tackles Ugbesias for betraying their son over money

A sociopolitical group, Esan Solidarity Agenda (ESA) has claimed that Senator Odion Ugbesia and his twin brother Akhere Ugbesia have compromised their political influence in Esanland by betraying the scion of the family, Osoba Ugbesia, for financial benefits.

ESA, in a statement signed by its Coordinator, Peter Abulime, described the conduct of the Ugbesia brothers as shameful, warning that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Esan North-East/South-East Constituency House of Representatives ticket is not for sale.

Osoba Ugbesia, a surprise entrant into the race, is reported to have accused his father, Akere and his twin brother, Odion, of sabotaging his desire to serve his constituency by selling their endorsement for the Esan NE/SE House of Reps ticket to one Prince Louise Osobase.

“We sympathise with Mr Osoba Ugbesia, the eminently qualified first son of one of our leaders in Esan South-East, over this family betrayal which we consider as embarrassing and painful.

“We wish to warn the Ugbesia Twin Brothers to desist from this mercantile approach to politics because they can no longer lord things over the people of Esan South-East. They must remember that empires rise and fall, and that they cannot hold on to power forever. Indeed, this might be the last elections the twin septuagenarians take active part in”.

“But we commend Elder Giwa Agbomeriele, who rose to the occasion and shot down a motion to endorse Louise Osobase at a meeting of Esan South-East leaders called by the Ugbesia brothers on the 15th of January at Sen. Ugbesia’s house in Benin,” the group said.

Information had it that Osoba, the following day after the Benin gathering, called a meeting of six out of the ten LGA chairmen to his father’s palatial country home in Ubiaja where he accused his father and his uncle of mortgaging the development of Ubiaja for their own pocket.

Osoba has vowed to contest the Reps ticket, the same seat his father and twin brother have promised to hand over to Louise Osobase on a platter of gold.

The emergence of Osoba Akhere Ugbesia has heightened tensions in Louise Osobase’s camp. An anonymous source close to Prince Osobase said there is no way Osoba Ugbesia would launch his campaign without the tacit support of his father. “We are studying the situation closely”, he said. “No one is a fool in this game. We will continue to watch what happens in the coming days; before we decide on our next course of action.”