Fayose’s Spoiler Game in Ekiti and Anti-Atiku’s Plot, By Mohammed Giwa

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is in for a bumpy ride ahead of the 2023 elections. As it was in 2018, the party is also off to a poor start in 2022. Unfortunately, the same political figure is at the centre of the main opposition party’s dilemma.

How long will the PDP allow former Governor Ayo Fayose to use its platform to trade off and undermine collective interest? He has become the albatross of the main opposition party.

It is not even an open secret that the PDP is down, out and not in solid contention for the June 18 governorship election in Ekiti. The party would be lucky to achieve a distant third. Blame Fayose’s trade-off with Fayemi.

Interestingly, after putting the PDP in a precarious situation in Ekiti, Mr Fayose has now resorted to a spoiler game against the candidate of the SDP, Chief Segun Oni. He will do everything to please Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Information had it that the APC would heavily induce him to compete for vote-buying to reduce the exploits of the SDP, which is now the favourite to win the governorship poll. Fayose had already sided with the APC in accusing the SDP of violence.

It is terrible for the party that the leadership cannot act against a man who appears poised to further undermine its interest in 2023, even when his deception is not hidden from the party’s stakeholders and members.

The unsavoury remarks that Isaac Fayose, the younger brother of Mr Fayose, has been consistently spewing against the PDP Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, is not far from the thinking of the former governor. His disdain for Atiku is not a secret.

Mr Fayose will choose and work for Tinubu over Atiku any day, anytime. What often disguises his politics is his penchant for using the Ekiti PDP structure and influence to corner resources and make more money.

It is left for the PDP to act and work with only those who could help the party win. The party leaders will remember that our group had before the Ekiti PDP governorship primary election, warned against the antics of Fayose.

Segun Oni was the most popular aspirant to win the governorship election, but Fayose worked against this choice to field an unpopular candidate. When will the PDP learn?

We could only hope that the APC does not win in Ekiti to allow the party to struggle for the Osun governorship election from a vantage position.

● Mohammed Giwa is the coordinator of PDP Partners for Progress